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No shots are required for entry into French Polynesia from North America. Regardless of your nationality, entry from an infected area as defined by the World Health Organization requires certification. Requirements are subject to change and you many want to consult your personal physician. Bring bug repellant to avoid any potential mosquito transmitted illnesses. For more information, check with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/french-polynesia#travel-notices)

Medical Facilities

Tahiti has an excellent standard of healthcare, with several hospitals and qualified doctors located throughout the islands. These modern medical facilities are mainly concentrated in Papeete. If you are staying on an outer island without access to a hospital, local personnel can arrange an emergency medical evacuation by airplane or helicopter. For divers, the hospital in Papeete is fully equipped with the only decompression chamber in the islands.

Disabled Access

Some facilities in French Polynesia may not be as developed or accessible for people with disabilities compared to your home country. Please talk with your travel consultant about any special assistance needed during your trip so we can help you plan accordingly.

Travel Protection

You may want to purchase travel insurance to cover theft, loss or medical expenses. Ask about our Travel Protection Plan, which can cover you for specific disruptions once your trip is underway (for U.S. residents only) and includes a pre-departure change/cancellation waiver.

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