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Gregoire Beau
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Grégoire attended high School in Tahiti and received his Degree in Tourism Management from U.E.T. Paris in 1997. After graduating he spent ten years promoting the Islands of Tahiti for leading Tour Operators in Paris. He then spent the next ten years in various management roles; at a Luxury Tahiti Resort, and at DMCs located in both French Polynesia and the Seychelles. Before joining Legends Travel Group he had his own company that provided high-end concierge services for clients of the North American brands; Tahiti Legends and Tahiti.com. He has a passion for luxury travel and a proven track record for providing exceptional customer service.

"I love sailing in the French Polynesian islands. The feeling of being at one with nature in the most isolated location on the planet is intense. I feel like a waterman, I feel like a local and I love it."
Cecilia Le Guilly
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Cecilia studied tourism in her home city of Nice, before spending several years in the hotel industry and event organization. She became a travel addict while working for an international online travel agency. After visiting family many times in French Polynesia, she decided to settle here and combine her passions for travel and the Islands of Tahiti. She joins the team as a Travel Designer. Organized and very attentive to customer satisfaction, she will be delighted to assist you by creating the perfect itinerary for an unforgettable stay.

"One of my favorite experiences is when I went to Mataiva in the Tuamotu. I really fell in love with this place, which looks like a little paradise. The lagoon is simply incredible, and nature is so lush and preserved. You can feel both its strength and its tranquility. The family who welcomed us helped us discover the most beautiful places on the island, and treated us to popular local dishes throughout the stay. The last night was so memorable - a magnificent feast of local flavors accompanied by Polynesian songs and dances."
Clémentine du Boistesselin
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Clémentine studied Tourism in her home city of Paris, before traveling the world for several years. She started her tourism and hospitality career in Australia & Spain before joining a leading Travel Agency in Paris where she was the Tahiti Specialist for over four years. Driven by her love of French Polynesia and her adventurous spirit, she has explored many of the islands of the Marquesas, Austral, Tuamotu, and Society archipelagoes. Clémentine is your perfect resource for planning sophisticated adventures or getting a table at one of Tahiti's hot restaurant spots.

“I fell in love with the destination because of the amazing blue lagoon. I can spend all day snorkeling in the crystal clear water getting close to the turtles, rays, colorful fish, or just exploring it by paddleboard, or kayak. The lagoons are so calm and pristine - they never disappoint. I also love swimming with whales, sharks, and dolphins, outside the lagoon in the deep blue and wildly energetic ocean.”