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Jeanine Cater
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Jeanine is an accomplished travel executive with over twenty years experience in the travel industry. Before leading the team, Jeanine spent eight years with Tahiti Tourism North America where she served as Director of Marketing and developed a rich knowledge of the destination. In addition to her tenure with Tahiti Tourism, she has over nine years of experience in South Pacific wholesale operations and sales. Jeanine is actively involved in all areas of operation for including sales and marketing, web development, reservations, vendor relationships and strategic planning.

"I absolutely love Huahine, it's so lush and beautiful! But I also love that it's one of the most culturally preserved islands in Tahiti. The last time I was there, we went on a horseback ride through the waist deep waters of Lake Fauna Nui and then up Matairea Hill. As we rode through the jungle on our way to the top of the mountain, we passed several ancient 'marae' (polynesian temples). I'll never forget the experience. It felt as if I'd been transported to a different moment in time. And the view from the top was incredible!"
Amalia Gudino
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Amalia recently joined the reservations team to bring her love and knowledge of travel to After studying abroad in Brazil and Italy, she now looks forward to assisting clients plan their perfect trip to Tahiti. Amalia is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese. With her love of adventure and strong background in event planning, she is a great asset to those planning a special occasion in the Islands of Tahiti.

"My favorite island would have to be Taha'a. I love the fact that it provides the best of both worlds. You could be in a private location with few people around, or you could explore all the island has to offer. Have an adventure snorkeling with sharks, go Jet Skiing, explore the pearl farm and vanilla plantations, or just lounge on the beach and enjoy a spa day. Taha'a provides the perfect getaway from the outside world."
Candice Webster
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Candice began her travel career specializing exclusively in sales and reservations to Tahiti and Fiji in 1999. She has traveled to the islands many times and enjoys sharing her rich knowledge of the two destinations with our clients. Candice works with the team to ensure that every vacation package put together is the best possible itinerary for the best value. Whether you're seeking guidance on the best hotel options for your budget, the best tours and activities, or every other detail that goes into planning the perfect Tahiti vacation, Candice takes pride in making sure that your trip will meet your every desire.

"It's so hard to pick just one! But my favorite activity is an ATV adventure tour on Moorea. You'll learn about the history of the island while getting a beautiful scenic tour of the landscape. You'll see pineapple plantations, waterfalls, and the views from ‘Magic Mountain' and 'Belvedere Point' are absolutely spectacular!"
Jaclyn Benson
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Jaclyn has been with since the beginning of 2015. She previously worked with a student travel agency for several years before dedicating her focus on the destination of Tahiti. Her passion for travel began at a young age while on road trips with her parents. She has since traveled to several countries around the world and doesn't plan to stop any time soon. Jaclyn’s extensive experience with arranging travel, and her devotion to helping clients plan the best trip possible, makes her a wonderful addition to the team.

"It is hard to narrow down my favorite island as they are all very different and each has something unique to offer. In Tahiti, there is always a beautiful view, delicious food, fantastic people and a lagoon with ten or more different shades of blue and teal. In regards to views, Bora Bora is unlike anything I have ever seen, and pictures don't do the island justice. I will always be amazed by Mt. Otemanu and how it looks completely different from depending on where you are viewing it from in the lagoon."
Nathan Ricketts
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Nathan Ricketts has always been an avid traveler. He has discovered many parts of the world on his journeys, and even lived in Scotland. Nathan has extensive experience in delivering exceptional customer service and is always happy to help clients design the perfect itinerary for their needs. Hearing from his clients who return from Tahiti speaking with the same love and affection for Tahiti that he has is his favorite part of the job.

"There are many islands in French Polynesia and they all have their own personal beauty and special charm, but my personal favorite is Bora Bora. Besides the physical beauty, I am fascinated by the rich history of the island. The island was used as a naval supply facility for the allied forces and the airport that is used today was first built during the Second World War."

Carrie Walker
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Carrie began her travel career in 1999 working in South Pacific sales. She quickly fell in love with the destination and continued to specialize in the South Pacific until she eventually expanded her portfolio to include all destinations around the world. After a decade of selling other regions, she is excited to once again be focusing her attention on her first love, Tahiti. Carrie brings the type of knowledge and expertise necessary to make each trip relaxing and enjoyable. As a Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Specialist, she has a passion for travel and applies her great attention to detail to each personalized itinerary.

"The first time I landed at the airport in Bora Bora, I was blown away by its beauty. When you see these unbelievably stunning pictures of the destination, you may be tempted to think they are digitally enhanced. Believe me, they're not. Tahiti is more majestic in person than you could ever imagine. I remember thinking, ‘If I'm this impressed by the view at the airport, what awaits me at the hotels?' I was right… the most brilliant sights were yet to come."