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Wine Cellar Tour with Tasting

1 Hour, Departs at 5PM

Discover French Polynesia's only winery, Dominique Auroy's Vin de Tahiti, on the atoll of Rangiroa. Upon arrival there will be an introduction to the Rangiroa Wine, after which you can view the wine cellar. At the end of the tour, you can taste Rangiroa Wine and a type of rum made from sugar cane called 'Mana'o'. If so inclined, you can purchase the wine and rum to take home or enjoy later in your room. Operates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday


*Activity reservations may be made for all current Tahiti.com clients with minimum bookings of at least one night hotel and when made a minimum 5 business days prior to departure. For Tahiti.com clients traveling throughout French Polynesia on a cruise we are unable to book shore activities. For clients who have not made reservations with Tahiti.com, only private excursions may be requested on days that cruise ships are not in port, and a minimum booking fee of $50 per person will apply, subject to availability.